[UWP][C#] Cannot display cover in gridview with untrusted ssl link

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I have a gridview which fetches data from json from localhost.

For 'cover' on json contains untrusted ssl

string certPath = @"Assets\kc-ssl.p12";  
StorageFile file = await Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.InstalledLocation.GetFileAsync(certPath);  
IBuffer buffer = await FileIO.ReadBufferAsync(file);  
string certData = CryptographicBuffer.EncodeToBase64String(buffer);  
await CertificateEnrollmentManager.UserCertificateEnrollmentManager.ImportPfxDataAsync(  
    certData, "Asdf123#", ExportOption.NotExportable, KeyProtectionLevel.NoConsent,  
        InstallOptions.None, "kcssl");  
var certificate = await CertificateStores.FindAllAsync(new CertificateQuery() { FriendlyName = "kcssl" });  
ClientCert = certificate.Single();  
HttpBaseProtocolFilter aHBPF = new HttpBaseProtocolFilter();  
aHBPF.ClientCertificate = ClientCert;  
Create our http client and send the request.  
HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient(aHBPF);  
Dictionary<string, string> pairs = new Dictionary<string, string>();  
pairs.Add("halaman", offset.ToString());  
pairs.Add("limit", "16");  
pairs.Add("SCH-API-KEY", "SCH_KEnaBiDeplebt");  
var formContent = new HttpFormUrlEncodedContent(pairs);  
HttpResponseMessage response = await httpClient.PostAsync(new Uri(urlPath), formContent);  
string jsonText = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();  
    JsonObject jsonObject = JsonObject.Parse(jsonText);  
        JsonObject groupObject1 = jsonObject.GetObject();  
    JsonArray jsonData1 = jsonObject["data"].GetArray();  
        foreach (JsonValue groupValue1 in jsonData1)  
        JsonObject groupObject2 = groupValue1.GetObject();  
        string title = groupObject2["judul"].GetString();  
        string cover = groupObject2["cover"].GetString();  
        Buku file1 = new Buku();  
        file1.Judul = title;  
        file1.Cover = cover.Replace("http://", "https://");  
    itemGridView.ItemsSource = datasource;  

I have a problem, which is unable to display the cover (only blank), as shown below:
How to handle it?

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  1. Peter Smith 581 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    FYI: the quickest way to get help here is to include the exact URL that you're trying to access. That way the problem can be reproduced with other tools (like curl, using UWP HttpClient, etc.)