how to connect mqtt broker to iot edge hub through node red ?

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Hello , i want a correct configuration of node red node (MQTT broker) that able to connect to iot edge hub
i deployed iot edge version 1.2.0-rc3 to fully support mqtt protocol
then deployed a node red flow as described
now i received a message from text node but i don't receive this message through iot edge hub

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  1. Sander van de Velde | MVP 30,471 Reputation points MVP

    Hey @AhmedAssad-8581 ,

    it seems the Node-red logic is running o another machine than the IoT Edge device.

    Take a look at the IoT Edge child device support (aka transparent gateway).

    There is a node for that. Some background info about the nodered node is seen here.

    An example of how to set up a child device can be seen here.

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