How to get value a value of a variable returned by the select function

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Hi, Newbie question here: How do I get the value of of the PM Object itself?

Get-Process -Name powershell_ise | Select-Object PM

-- 153763840

Thanks Joe

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Windows Server PowerShell
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  1. Rich Matheisen 45,416 Reputation points

    The "Select-Object" returns a PSCustomObject that has a TypeName of Selected.System.Diagnostics.Process, and that has "NoteProperty" attributes that act as hash tables (in this case) that have a name (in this case PM) and a definition (in this case "long PM=202792960").

    You can get the value of that NoteProperty like this:

    (Get-Process "powershell_ise" | Select-Object PM).pm

    Or, like this to just return return the value of the PM (which is an alias for the actual property "PagedMemorySize64"):

    Get-Process "powershell_ise" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty  PM

    I'd suggest that you visit this URL (Windows-PowerShell-4) and download the free copy of the book. It's written in easily digestible chapters and you learn a lot be reading just the 1st half.

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