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I have a lookup field (Buildings Affected) in a list where I select a specific Building. I then Set this Value in another field for additional uses. I would very much like to have multiple values in the Building Affected; however, not sure that is possible with the additional actions I want to take.

Current List Example:
Building Choice: A --> Set Value -->Building Text: A
Perform additional lookups for related data on Building Text: A (i.e.,):
For Building A - Owner = Bill (I use this information for a Workflow email)

This does not sound reasonable; however, can the lookup field be modified for multiple values and then multiple actions set these values in other multiple fields for additional uses?

Multiple Choice Example:
Building Choice: A, B, C, D --> Set Values --> Building Text: A, B, C, D
Perform additional lookups for related data (i.e.,):
For Building A - Owner = Bill, For Building B - Owner = Jane, For Building C - Owner = Cathy, For Building D - Owner = Doug

I assume the best way to complete is to set up multiple single lookup fields, then set each value in another text field and perform lookup's on the individual text fields?

Building Choice1: A --> Set Value --> Building Text1: A
Building Choice2: B --> Set Value --> Building Text2: B
Building Choice3: C --> Set Value --> Building Text3: C
Building Choice4: D --> Set Value --> Building Text4: D
Perform additional lookups for related data (i.e.,):
For Building Text1A: Owner = Bill
For Building Text2B: Owner = Jane
For Building Text3C: Owner = Cathy
For Building Text4D: Owner = Doug


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  1. Randal Flinn 311 Reputation points

    Thank you for the response.

    I am using SharePoint 2013 platform...and changing the field did allow for a value selection. However, I'm not sure I'm being clear with what I am trying to accomplish.

    For this project, I am trying to create an automated process for Utility Shutdown Notifications. I have approximately 221 Buildings. When we have a utility shutdown, this will effect 1 or more buildings. Based on that, the Building Choice will need to allow for multiple values and perform look-ups for each building. Each building has a Facility Manager and a Building Deputy.

    Once all buildings are identified and the associated Facility Manager(s) and Building Deputy(s) are "looked up", I then want to automate emails to the Facility Manager, Building Deputy (and other groups) utilizing a Workflow.

    Example 1:
    Utility Shutdown Notification for Buildings - A, B and C (Buildings Affected)
    Building A Facility Manager = Tom
    Building A Building Deputy = Carol
    Building B Facility Manager = Kathy
    Building B Building Deputy = Joan
    Building C Facility Manager = Paula
    Building C Building Deputy = Randy


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  1. Li Zhang_MSFT 1,566 Reputation points

    Hi @Randal Flinn ,

    Here are steps to automatically populate one value for lookup column:

    1.Firstly, we need to create two custom lists, List A and List B.

    Next create columns for two lists.

    List A:
    Building Text(Single line of text type)
    Owner(Single line of text type)


    List B:
    Building Choice(Choice type, select “Dropdown menu”)
    Building Text(Lookup type, check “Allow multiple values” and “Owner”)


    2.Open SharePoint Designer 2013>Open site>Click Workflows>List Workflow>Select List B>Fill in Name and choose SharePoint 2013 Workflow platform type.


    3.Select condition If any value equals value, action Set Field in Current Item, Log to History List, Go to a stage, the entire workflow process is as follows:


    4.Click Workflow Settings>Check Start workflow automatically when an item is created and Start workflow automatically when an item is changed, then return to workflow process interface, click Save and Publish.


    When we create a new item or modify an item, value of Building Text will be automatically populated based on Building Choice column value.


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