Access SSRS portal and we service from another VM over same Vnet

Sarvesh Pandey 141 Reputation points

We have configure SSRS on a VM and we are able to access Web Portal and Web Service URL through this VM.
There are other VM deployed and all of them are in the same Vnet but those other VM are unable to access SSRS web portal and Web Service.

What's the reason behind it and how to resolve this issue? In future, we are planning to use WVD on the same or different VNet, how to configure so we are able to access SSRS service from WVD on same or different Vnet.

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  1. Ulv 81 Reputation points

    Hey @Sarvesh Pandey

    This is quite straight forward I'll try to break it down.

    If it is in the same VNet, but separate Subnets you need to ensure that the Network Security Groups allow traffic 80 if no SSL and 443 if you are binding with SSL certificates, if you are using Private Endpoints, the NSG does not have to be configured.

    See this guidance to break down the requirements for the SSRS Azure VM (

    To reach the VM from the outside, I would recommend setting up an Azure Bastion, so that you can safely connect to your Azure VM with SSRS.


    Hope this helps

    Best regards,

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  2. Olaf Helper 28,781 Reputation points

    but those other VM are unable to access SSRS web portal and Web Service.

    Sorry, but for me it is not clear what you mean here? In common VM's don't access SSRS, user do with a browser from a VM.
    What access SSRS and what happens/which error do you get?

  3. Lukas Yu -MSFT 5,796 Reputation points

    You need to configure the intranet, so the two VMs are in same domain. I am not very family with azure Vnet, but it should be following same theory.

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