Upgrade to Pro from Home fails on re-install.

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I bought a new HP Laptop with an intel Generation 11 CPU. The Laptop requires an intel RST driver (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) otherwise the M.2 NVMe is not seen. The issue is this. I bought from the Microsoft Store the Windows 10 Pro upgrade. It installed and upgraded to PRO. I also bought a recovery USB from HP. I needed to know if it worked because the first one from HP was the wrong one and was replaced. After using the recovery USB flash drive; Windows resets to Home. I talked to Microsoft support and they fixed the issue AFTER over an hour on the phone. Being stubborn; I used the recovery drive again and exactly the same issue. However IF I create a USB drive from Microsoft Windows 10 download; Windows 10 upgrades to PRO. What is the issue with this? Its 2021 and the issue seems to revolve around intel and Optane Memory and the need to install RAID drivers (Intel Rapid Storage Technology is a RAID driver). Both Microsoft and HP support seem ill equipped to be able to make a PRO upgrade; attached to my Microsoft account "STICK" to my new Laptop. HELP!

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  1. Dave Patrick 353.7K Reputation points MVP

    Sound like you'll just need to create a new recovery drive if that's needed.

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  2. RickStep 1 Reputation point

    @Dave Patrick ,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Let me restate what is happening:

    1. The Laptop was received on February 4, 2021. It is going to one of my grandkids for university
    2. I made a USB Recovery Drive with files dated from August 2020 (around the release date from HP); Windows 10 20H1 from the Laptop. It works.
    3. I also bought from HP a USB Recovery Drive dated from January 12, 2021 20H2. It works
    4. I also made a USB flash drive from the Microsoft Windows 10 Download site. It works.
    5. I also bought from the Microsoft Store (Canada) the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. When the sales transaction completed; the Laptop had Windows 10 Pro.
    6. I reloaded the Laptop from the HP purchased recovery drive and Windows 10 shows Windows 10 HOME.
    7. I called Microsoft support and they fixed the issue; but it took over an hour to get Windows 10 Pro installed
    8. I needed to PROVE to myself that Microsoft solved the problem and used the HP recovery drive again
    9. Windows 10 HOME again
    10. Microsoft fixed the ISSUE NOT the PROBLEM
    11. Called Microsoft back. Got a support agent. Gave the agent the ID of the previous call.
    12. I explained that I wanted the problem solved NOT just fixed on this call.
    13. The agent went away to review the previous call. After 30 minutes the call was terminated. I haven't called back; YET.
    14. What is interesting is that if I use the USB loaded from the Windows 10 download site; Windows 10 Pro loads.
    15. What I don't understand is that since Microsoft mostly uses the information from the motherboard; which NEVER changes; WHY Microsoft's validation server thinks I have 2 different laptops.

    I want this solved; NOT fixed. This is 2021 and there are still too many Windows mistakes taking place.

    The issue seems to revolve around the intel Generation 11 CPU which requires a RAID driver and buffer memory (intel Optane or other 3D memory) built onto the M.2 NVMe SSD. Intel has only released Gen 11 CPU's for mobile/portable devices and Microsoft and/or HP seem NOT to be up to speed on this including the Pro upgrade from the Microsoft Store AND Microsoft validation servers.

    The Laptop is going from here in Hamilton, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta. I thought I could make it simple for my grand child to have the tools to be able to recover the laptop if there was a failure.

    How wrong I was!

    I'm 75 years old; have been using Windows since Windows 3.0 and every version since up to today.

    I have very little patience with new technology being introduced and the principal companies in question know how to manufacture the product but are way too slow to upgrade their systems and staff to prevent simple issues or solve simple problems; permanently.

    Perhaps you or someone here has access to resources that know to resolve this.

    A last comment. Any backup or recovery solution MUST be tested to prove it works. In this case the combination of an HP recovery source and a Pro upgrade don't work. I'm happy I know now; not years down the road when my grand child calls.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy diatribe.

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  3. Dave Patrick 353.7K Reputation points MVP

    I'd contact the vendor (HP) directly for support / refund since the product purchased does not work as expected.

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