Cannot move mailbox to a new Database - Exchange 2016 on Prem

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Not sure how to fix this, had no problem moving a mailbox to a new database before, but trying to move a mailbox to a new database and it is stuck at syncing and when I check the status, I see the following error - StalledDueToTarget_MdbReplication. I have checked both the databases on the DAG and there are no health issues and copy queue length is 0. I have tried to move 2 separate mailboxes on separate databases and the same thing is happening. I have also tried from both the Web GUI and powershell and they both seem to stall at the same 37%. I have also verified that the Migration Mailbox is listed when checking for the Arbitration mailbox. I am not sure what else to check, but seems I cannot migrate any mailboxes at this point. Anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this issue?

Exchange 2016 - 2 DAG groups - 4 Servers - Hybrid mode with all mailboxes on-prem. Tried to move a mailbox from each DAG and have the same problem on both of them.


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  1. Gavin Ross 231 Reputation points

    So it appears that the problem was related to the other issue you were helping me with regarding the missing Self Signed Cert, after I fixed that issue, the replication errors went away as well.

    [PS] C:\WINDOWS\system32>Test-ReplicationHealth -Identity SERVER1

    Server Check Result Error

    SERVER1 ClusterService Passed
    SERVER1 ReplayService Passed
    SERVER1 ActiveManager Passed
    SERVER1 TasksRpcListener Passed
    SERVER1 TcpListener Passed
    SERVER1 ServerLocatorService Passed
    SERVER1 DagMembersUp Passed
    SERVER1 MonitoringService Passed
    SERVER1 ClusterNetwork Passed
    SERVER1 QuorumGroup Passed
    SERVER1 FileShareQuorum Passed
    SERVER1 DatabaseRedundancy Passed
    SERVER1 DatabaseAvailability Passed
    SERVER1 DBCopySuspended Passed
    SERVER1 DBCopyFailed Passed
    SERVER1 DBInitializing Passed
    SERVER1 DBDisconnected Passed
    SERVER1 DBLogCopyKeepingUp Passed
    SERVER1 DBLogReplayKeepingUp Passed

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  1. Gavin Ross 231 Reputation points

    This is the error on all the databases in the DAG

    Server '' component (HighAvailability) state is offline. If you need to activate databases copies on this server, you can use Set-ServerComponentState
    -Component 'HighAvailability' -State 'Active' and retry Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase.

                        There were database availability check failures for database 'SERVER1-MB02' that may be lowering its availability. Availability Count: 1. Expected Availability Count: 2. Detailed error(s):

    When I check the status, it shows as active? HighAvailability Active

  2. Lucas Liu-MSFT 6,161 Reputation points

    Hi @Gavin Ross ,
    1.According to my research on “Stalledduetotarget_mdbreplication”, this value is also returned from Data Guarantee API on checking the replication health of the target database copies if they are a member of DAG and have database copies. We might get this message if the MRS service is waiting to get this information from the target server about the replication status of the database copies. Please run the following commands to check the status of database copy and the status of replication.

    Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Identity <DAG> | Format-List  

    2.Please try to restart the mailbox replication service, then clear all move requests and create new move requests.
    3.Please run the following command to modifying the priority to highest:

    New-MoveRequest -Identity <> -TargetDatabase “DB Name” -BatchName <> -Priority Highest  

    For more information : Exchange 2016 Migration Status

    4.In addition, based on the research of similar cases, I found that some users use the following methods to disable MRS Resource Health, after which they can successfully migrate their mailboxes. It should be noted that after modifying the registry, we need to restart the computer for the modification to take effect.

    Regedit -->find the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchange ResourceHealth\MRS" --> set "MRS" REG_DWORD value from 1 to 0 --> Restart Exchange Mailbox Replication service

    After migration is completed, we can revert back MRS value from 0 to 1 in regedit.
    In order to prevent the impact of incorrect modification, you could also back up your Regedit in advance: How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

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  3. Lucas Liu-MSFT 6,161 Reputation points

    Hi @Gavin Ross ,
    Did you try to restart the mailbox replication service?

    Do you mean that this error occurs only when migrating to a new database? Successful when migrating to an existing database. I create a new database in Exchange hybrid environment, and it succeeded when I moved a mailbox to it. If possible, please try to create a another database and try to migrate again.

    If you run the following the first command to move only one mailbox, will there still be the same error? If so, run the second commands to view the detail report of the migration. Especially "ItemsTransferred", "PercentComplete" parameters, check whether the migration is in progress. If you migrate larger or more mailboxes, please wait patiently for some time. And check the specific report to see if there is any relevant information.

    New-MoveRequest -Identity <> -TargetDatabase “DB Name”  
    Get-MoveRequest | Get-MoveRequestStatistics -IncludeReport | fl  


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  4. Gavin Ross 231 Reputation points

    [PS] C:\WINDOWS\system32>Get-ServerComponentState SERVER1

    Server Component State ServerWideOffline Active HubTransport Active FrontendTransport Active Monitoring Active RecoveryActionsEnabled Active AutoDiscoverProxy Active ActiveSyncProxy Active EcpProxy Active EwsProxy Active ImapProxy Active OabProxy Active OwaProxy Active PopProxy Active PushNotificationsProxy Active RpsProxy Active RwsProxy Active RpcProxy Active UMCallRouter Active XropProxy Active HttpProxyAvailabilityGroup Active ForwardSyncDaemon Inactive ProvisioningRps Inactive MapiProxy Active EdgeTransport Active HighAvailability Active SharedCache Active MailboxDeliveryProxy Active RoutingUpdates Active RestProxy Active DefaultProxy Active Lsass Active RoutingService Active E4EProxy Active CafeLAMv2 Active LogExportProvider Active

    Everything looks fine?

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