Handling large traffic spikes - Wordpress with Azure Database for MySQL server

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In Azure Portal > Under [+ CREATE A RESOURCE], there is a pre-built 'WordPress' resource plan that will create:

  • App Service Plan
  • App Service
  • Azure Database for MySQL server

Our typical web traffic is 1,000 visitors/minute. However, we do see occasional spikes of 30,000 visitors/minute.

(1) Will this Azure Database for MySQL auto-scale to handle massive traffic spikes? Is auto-scaling fully managed?

(2) I'm concerned that I don't have the ability to 'scale up' or 'scale out' the database. But, do I actually need to do this? Or, will *Azure Database for MySQL** handle all this automatically? Should I create a MySQL instance with its OWN app service plan that will allow me to scale it?

(3) What actually happens to the database when I 'scale up' and/or 'scale out'? Does the database also scale?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. KalyanChanumolu-MSFT 8,251 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Michael van Olden Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forums and thank you for your interest in Azure services.
    The WordPress solution you installed from Marketplace combines all the required resources into a package that is easy to deploy.
    This way you don't have to provision the resources independently and configure them.
    Once deployed, you have complete control over the resources and can manage them independently.
    You can scale the app and database separately.

    Coming to your question on Autoscaling, you can configure the triggers that can scale up or scale down the database.
    For instance, when CPU utilization exceeds 70% or when utilization falls below 30%.

    Please check the below article for step-by-step instructions

    Auto Scale Azure Database for MySQL Using Azure Automation

    Do let us know if you have further questions.


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