Linux Teams directory structure, log file format and notification area icon

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Thanks for releasing Teams for Linux, much appreciated!

Earlier today I posted some observations about the client on LinkedIn, and got suggested that I should post here, so here I am. Here's a copy-paste of what I wrote to LinkedIn:

  • In Linux, ~/.config directory should contain only the configuration files like the name says, and any logs, caches, temporary files etc should go under ~/.local/share/ directory, or whatever directory XDG_DATA_HOME environment variable has been set to. Now, in just matter of hours, my Teams client has stored 137 MB worth of ... something... under my precious ~/.config/.
  • The log file contains Windows newlines (\r\n) instead of the standard Unix (\n) newlines, which is not ideal, should I ever need to debug any issues.
  • At least with a dark OS theme I have in my KDE I cannot see Teams icon in the notification area at all, there's just a grey placeholder.

Thank you :)


Skype for Business Linux
Skype for Business Linux
Skype for Business: A Microsoft communications service that provides communications capabilities across presence, instant messaging, audio/video calling, and an online meeting experience that includes audio, video, and web conferencing.Linux: A family of open-source Unix-like operating systems.
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  1. Pikkarainen, Janne 36 Reputation points

    Hmm. Interesting. A notification area icon appeared hours later automatically without me doing anything special, I did not restart Teams application or anything, just had the laptop running.

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  2. Pikkarainen, Janne 36 Reputation points

    Great, thank you! I'll mark your answer as accepted :D

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  3. Michal Petřek 1 Reputation point

    After year and a few months directory issue is still here. Same as author I really appreciate Teams on linux, but I would also appreciate if linux version respected linux conventions. If Microsoft is not able/doesn't want to maintain linux version up to date with windows version, give us at least this please. Minimized startup on login would be awesome too.

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  4. David Antliff 6 Reputation points

    It's 2022 and this still isn't fixed. My ~/.config/Microsoft directory is in excess of 500 MB. Not surprising that Microsoft would ignore convention and do their own thing though.

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