Powershell output file in txt file don't have all columns

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I was executing this Powershell command below to get DB backup history

$SQLServer = Get-Content -Path "C:\shell\cdms.txt"
Invoke-DbaQuery -sqlinstance $SQLServer -File "C:\shell\sqladmin.sql"| Out-File C:\shell\dmsDB_history2.txt

and this is the sql query


and the results i get is as below

supposed to be 7 columns but I can see only three columns and then 3 dot as I highlighted in yellow in output notepad file.

Please advice me how get all 7 columns in output file

It must have this 7 column below


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  1. Vaibhav Chaudhari 38,011 Reputation points

    Try adding width in the end

    Invoke-DbaQuery -sqlinstance $SQLServer -File "C:\shell\sqladmin.sql"| Out-File C:\shell\dmsDB_history2.txt -width 5000

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  1. Rich Matheisen 38,831 Reputation points

    Instead of using "Out-File" why not use a CSV?

    Export-CSV C:\shell\dmsDB_history2.csv -NoTypeInfo
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