Debugger fatal error when running CMake C++ application with .NET Core DLL

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I have native C++ application. Recently I added .Net Core assembly to it which runs through C++/CLI adaptor. After that, I receive following error message whenever I try to start debugging:

A fatal error has occurred and debugging needs to be terminated. The debugger was configured to use the Desktop CLR (NET Framework) Managed debugger, but the target process loaded the CoreCLR (NET Core) runtime. To debug this project, configure it to use the 'Managed (CoreCLR)' debugger.

And VS hangs completely, to the point I need to use task manager to kill it.

I've found only one semi-relevant answer on old MSDN forums where it was recommended to install required .Net Core runtime and enable native debugging. App runs without debugger just fine. so it's not absence of runtime. And I cannot "enable native debugging" since app is alrady native. Removing all .NET development components and reinstalling them doesn't help either.

Does anyone know if/how it's possible to configure managed debugger to resolve this issue?


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  1. Tianyu Sun-MSFT 16,931 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello anonymous userBaidiuk-4715 ,

    Thank you for taking time to post this issue in Microsoft Q&A forum.

    Please kindly check if this option works:

    Project Property > Configuration Properties > Debugging > Debugger Type > choose the appropriate debugger type.

    If this doesn't meet your requirement or fix this error, could you share some simple steps with me to reproduce your issue?

    Best Regards,

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