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I am new to Xamarin Forms development and new to this forum, so sorry if this is a stupid question! I am working on a Xamarin Forms app that is using oAuth style of login / authentication. I can pass a "device id" when requesting a token, so that the token applies to that device only, for the specified user. Is there an easy way to obtain a unique id via Xamarin Forms, or do I need to generate one (somehow) and store it on the device (somehow)?

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    Is there an easy way to obtain a unique id via Xamarin Forms

    To get the idenifier for device, try to achieve the function on the native platform using DependencyService.

       //1.create an interface to define the method  
       public interface IGetDeviceInfo  
           string GetDeviceID();  
       //2.implement the service on the android platform  
       [assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Dependency(typeof(GetInfoImplement))]  
       namespace TestApplication_4.Droid  
           public class GetInfoImplement : IGetDeviceInfo  
               string IGetDeviceInfo.GetDeviceID()  
                   var context = Android.App.Application.Context;  
                   string id = Android.Provider.Settings.Secure.GetString(context.ContentResolver, Secure.AndroidId);  
                   return id  
       //3.consume the DependencyService command in the shared project  

    For the iOS platform, you could use the following method.

       string id = UIDevice.CurrentDevice.IdentifierForVendor.AsString();  

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    Jarvan Zhang

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    Watch out. string id = UIDevice.CurrentDevice.IdentifierForVendor.AsString() is not a fixed value, it changes depending on the installation, in fact, every time you reinstall the application the value will change

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