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I have a couple question and was hoping someone get help.

If you have a private channel and several folders. If some members need read only access to folders and other members read/write. If you open the folder in sharepoint, the permissions can be set thru manage access. Permissions as owner, visitors and members.

  1. If the members permissions is write access, how to do set read only access to members?
  2. If the sub channel is public or private are the only folder permissions owners, visitors and members?
  3. Does it really matter if you change the folder permissions thru sharepoint>manage access vs Sharepoint>Documents : Settings> permission for this document library?


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  1. JoyZ 18,056 Reputation points

    Hi @Virtual Tech ,

    To answer your questions:

    ①We could not set read only access to members group, which has the default Edit permission, if we set "Can view" for the user, it will be moved to Visitors group automatically.

    ②There is no sub-channel in Teams, if we add a new folder under the private channel folder, it will inheirt permissions from its parent.

    ③If you change the permission for the document library, it will also affect the folder permission, as document library is the parent of folder.

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  2. Vasil Michev 99,941 Reputation points MVP

    If you need to maintain read-only access, Teams and private channels might not be the best solution for you. Both are build on the principle of "equal access for all members", and in some cases this can be extended to every used in the organization. While you can certainly break permission inheritance/modify the permissions, this is not a supported scenario and you should do so with caution.

  3. Virtual Tech 106 Reputation points

    @JulieWang-MSFT - Your answers did help. I think I have a better understanding of what I need to do.

    Teams will will have a single document library used by Teams. If you move files from the file share to the appropriate channel/subfolder, then permissions will be in place based on the Team membership.
    I understand teams does not support read-only. I think others are managing the read-only thru SharePoint Advance settings permissions. Perhaps this is not best practice.

    SharePoint site with other libraries, as you've found there is no way to manage those files via Teams, other than adding a document library tab, which means you're really managing files via SharePoint, not Teams.

  4. JF 1 Reputation point

    Hi, I have read through previous Q&A and am still confused.

    My concern is: I have a channel in a department Team, and I can't see how to control the security of my folders and files.
    While I need it to be open access to the content for Team members, I don't want anyone messing with the content, accidentally or intentionally.

    Now another Team member has contacted me to say that they have related content, and they want to add another folder to my channel and store it there.

    I guess I could create another folder and move all of the course content holus-bolus into that folder, but I just feel a bit twitchy about sharing the channel re keeping integrity of my folders. Of course, I'm not sure of the security of it as it is as I keep getting emails saying that someone has edited the channel; I don't know whether that just means that someone has accessed the folders/files.

    Thanks for advice.

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  5. JJJ SHABADOO 1 Reputation point

    More of a question than an answer, bur related....

    I have creatd a Team and then accessed the Sharepioint site behind it.
    I have created a new folder, stopped inheriting permission, added only myself to have full control and then removed all other groups.

    Why can other Team members still access this folder?

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