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Hi ,

Please suggest how to remove hover background color for tootip UWP,after some seconds hovering with background white will appear

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Richard Zhang-MSFT 6,936 Reputation points


    From your description, maybe your application is not well adjusted ApplicationTheme.

    In UWP, if the theme of the app is not explicitly set, the theme of the app follows the system. You can try explicitly specifying the RequestedTheme property in the App constructor of App.xaml.cs.

    public App()  
        this.Suspending += OnSuspending;  
        RequestedTheme = ApplicationTheme.Dark;  

    At this time, the background color of Tooltip will turn black.


    If you want to customize the display style of ToolTip, you can modify the default template of ToolTip

    Default Style





    If you specify ToolTipService.ToolTip directly to the control, you cannot apply styles. You must create a ToolTip control.


    xaml code please see the txt file provided in the attachment

    Regarding the inability to insert XML Code, check out this linked solution

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