Get login from Azure SQL database server (PaaS)

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Hello I'm trying to get the security/login names from an Azure SQL database. I would have thought the login details would be held at the instance name not the database so I have used Get-AzureRmSqlServer, however I also tried Get-AzureRmSqlDatabase but cannot see how to get this below. There are six logins and I would like to retrieve their names


Code is reduced to a single -ServerName for this question. My PowerShell code:

$Databases = Get-AzureRmSqlDatabase -ResourceGroupName "*********" -ServerName "**********"

foreach ($db in $Databases)
# Write-Host $db.DatabaseName

$sql = Get-AzureRmSqlServer -ResourceGroupName "********" -ServerName "*******"
Write-Host $sql.ServerName

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    The login details are stored in Master DB. I think you will have to query sys tables by connecting to Master DB as shown in below

    Get-AzSqlServer PS Command won't list the all the login details AFAIK


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