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Nuget Plugin.Messaging fails to Deploy on latest VS2019 Version 16.9.0-Update

Xam.Plugins.Messaging does not deploy after Build 3.2.1 which is missing Settings(). Latest 5.2.0 compiles successfully buy does not Deploy with error

.../assets/Plugin.Messaging.pdb because its being used by another process...

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Latest 5.2.0 compiles successfully buy does not Deploy with error

Hi @UniversalCamera-5217 ,I did a test but I couldn't reproduce this problem. You can try to restart you PC and visual studio, and try again.

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Thanks for looking...

So I did recent update on both Windows and VS2019. Prior to this I have an old application that is a working application. But after upgrade the old application fail to deploy.

So I created a new App1 with CrossPlatform Xamarin.Forms. Did Nuget Updates which there were none and then deployed to Android 10 Mobile Device. This was successful.

I then installed through Nuget Xam.Plugins.Messaging as a reference in only PCL and Android. Try to deploy it to same device and it failed.

I then deleted both reference (PCL and Android) and tried to deploy to same device and it was successful.

I then tried including various version of Xam. The versions 3.2.1 or lower deploy successfully. But I need higher then 4.0.0 since earlier version does not support Settings().


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I tried to install nuget Xam.Plugin.Messaging 5.2.0 and I couldn't reproduce this problem. Would you please help share your steps?

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So the outlined steps are for VS2019 Community.

How do I restore VS to previous build?

I really need my App back on my device. Do you have suggestions?

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I have a production app in the stores this is now happening to as well after upgrading to VS 16.9.2.

Release mode does not fix it either.

Since we now have >1 confirmed report caused can someone from MS suggest a workaround since we have narrowed this down to the VS upgrade?

Upgrading to Xam.Essentials is not an option at the moment for us as well.

Any ideas?

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Thank you


Thank you

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After the VS upgrade, does the problem occur in one app, or in other apps?

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Thank you

After upgrade AudioManager does not turn on SpeakerPhone on Android 11 phone. However, after the upgrade AudioManager still turn on SpeakerPhone on Android 10.

Thank you!

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Only the Xamarin app.

We only have one Xamarin app that uses Plugin.Messaging, but all other projects:

  • WebAPI

  • pure desktop & mobile dotNet support libraries

  • WinForms with and without ADO

  • straight up .aspx style web apps

  • apps with Entity Framework (Core and .NET Framework style, Web and Desktop)

All compile and deploy fine.

There is something about the Nuget. I removed the package and commented out all code referencing it. It built and released just fine.

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