Getting error "{"code":"BadRequest","message":null,"target":"pipeline..." when trying to debug pipeline


Have confirmed through reproducing a couple of times. I have 3 data factories, dev/uat/prod. I develop something on DEV, then use Azure devops to run through and release the ARM templates onto UAT and prod. This all works OK.

However I then change the prod KeyVault Linked Service's default value to something else, using the UI. This is used in other Linked Services to obtain login information.

After changing the linked service "Default value" parameter only and publishing, I then get this error trying to debug a pipeline:

{"code":"BadRequest","message":null,"target":"pipeline//runid/XXX Run ID XXX","details":null,"error":null} (note I removed the GUID run ID in the code)

Seems like that should work without issue, might be a bug?


I have tried a simple pipeline which sets some variables, which works fine. However any pipeline that requires pass through to Key Vault doesn't seem to work. This was all working last week, so something seems to have been screwed up.

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  1. Saurabh Sharma 23,791 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Anonymous Products team has identified this as a product bug and they have created an workitem internally and working on to provide a fix for the same. Meanwhile, you can use the workaround you have found to circumvent this issue. Thank you so much for reporting this. Appreciate your patience on the same.


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  1. Trystan Mortimer 31 Reputation points

    I had this error when I had some trailing whitespace on an activity name.

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  2. Anonymous

    Right I think I found the problem.

    Background - I have been using the process described above for months. Developing on DEV version of data factory linked to GIT. These then get pushed through to PROD. I haven't changed any security settings or parameter settings on the linked services for a long time because they are generic.

    However, on the 3rd of March, after committing a change, data factory has added curly braces to the BaseURL parameter being passed through as a parameter to data factory. I can see this in the Repo commits, that it was changed. However I have not made this change, somehow it was added by the UI on publish. So something is up with the UI on linked services, it's adding curly braces to KeyVault parameters. The only way you can change it is to go into the Linked Service code of the key vault and change it in the JSON file. Subsequently other things using the KeyVault linked service will appear as [object Object] instead.

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  3. Grégoire Thibaud 6 Reputation points

    I had the same issue on my Data Factory. In my case, a Copy Data activity had generated automatically User properties (cf. attached image).
    By simply deleting these properties, I was able to run pipeline properly.


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  4. Mike McLean (Shell) 1 Reputation point

    This can also happen if a pipeline parameter has a dash ("-") in the name