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We have a relatively simple scenario where Logic App (la) executes a azure sql database stored procedure (which executes a number of sub procedures). However we have an issue where the store procedure ends without error which I assume is related to "transient errors'. I've assumed this whilst there are also "time out" logs at the same time as the "disconnection". The procedure has successfully executed for years. The point at which it ends differs each time and is not at a stage which is resource heavy/intensive.

1) we have logging for errors/time outs but there is no log of a disconnection "drop out"

2) Is there a best practice approach to manage such a scenario. Clearly the connection has been lost so the stored procedure cannot handle the issue. Assume we could use the logic app to check after a period of time and if a condition is not met try again? Just wanted to check if there is an advised/official more robust approach to handle the scenario.

We have not used ADF for the processing of the stored procedures due to the cost as it has to process and wait for a significant number of procedures to execute (the process can take a number of hours to complete)


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    We have rebuilt the table and the performance is now 1 second again. I assume this performance degradation was caused by fragmentation of the table? I'll close the question.

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