You're signed into the cloud shell with an account that's different from your docs account. Please sign out of the cloud shell to retry accessing the sandbox.

Detlef Hahn 96 Reputation points

I was redirected here from:

I am trying to do the Sandbox exercise on

I am able to activate the sandbox but getting the error

"You're signed into the cloud shell with an account that's different from your docs account. Please sign out of the cloud shell to retry accessing the sandbox."

Even though I click on Sign Out I can't get into the sandbox.
I have tried to use an InPrivate windows in Chromium Edge without any success!

This means when I click on the Check Your Work button it cant validate my exercise and complete the Microsoft Ignite Azure Admin Challenge. (

  1. How do I get access to the sandbox?
  2. Can I create the resource without using the sandbox in my subscription and get validated?

I am using the same email for my Docs account and for my Azure subscriptions.

BR Detlef

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  1. Detlef Hahn 96 Reputation points

    I tested the exercise again and today I was able to access the sandbox and running commands in Azure Cloud Shell!
    And the button "Check your work" now could verify my commands.

    Thank you very much for fixing this issue!


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  1. Detlef Hahn 96 Reputation points

    I am always ending up with this screen:


    After clicking on Sign out I get back to the same message.
    The only difference is that I seem to have used more sandboxes.

    I use the same email for logging into and
    (I can send you my email in a private message)

    Are there any requirements on my Azure account in order to use the sandbox?

    I have a Visual Studio Ultimate MSDN and a Visual Studio Enterprise subscription meaning I get a monthly credit to spend.


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  2. singhh-msft 2,391 Reputation points

    @Detlef Hahn , this issue needs in-depth look and analysis. You will have to report this issue via the learning content feedback channel. Can you please follow the below steps from the specific module you are experiencing this issue and have it reported:

    • Go to FAQ & help: 76095-82.png
    • Click on Report Feedback: 76066-83.png
    • Select Product or functionality and fill out the details in the form like below and Submit: 76087-84.png


     Please do not forget to **"Accept the answer"** if the information provided helps you. This will help others in the community as well.  
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  3. Detlef Hahn 96 Reputation points

    I done that but apparently I won't get any feedback. :-(

    Report feedback
    Thank you for submitting your feedback. We will review it shortly. Please note that feedback reporting is a one way communication and we are not responding back at this time.

    How do I know if there is a solution to my problem?

    I also have been reading
    How do I choose the "Microsoft Learn" directory?
    Do I need a Pay-As-You-Go subscription for the sandbox to work?

    This seems to be a bug since May 1 2019.

    Should I create a new Azure Account and new Docs account?

    It is a pitty that I can't access the sandbox.
    Now I wont be able to finish the Microsoft Ignite Azure Admin Challenge because my exercises can't be validated without me using the sandbox.


  4. Mark Smith 1 Reputation point Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Detlef Hahn --

    You do not need an Azure subscription, that's what's being provided for you. It looks like the Sandbox environment activated properly, but the Cloud Shell experience was somehow associated with a different account. Two things:

    1. Can you private message me the Microsoft account you are signing into?
    2. Can you check today and try again to see if it's still happening to you?

    The Sandbox goes away after a period (1-4 hours). When that happens it all resets. Try clearing your browser cookies and signing out from the docs site and then try again.

    Let me know what you find as part of your private message.

    [EDIT: thanks @HarshitaSingh-MSFT for the details below on how to private message.]