script to get site status from particular db

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Please help me in getting the script to get the list of site collection names with their site lock status from particular db in excel sheet. thank you

SharePoint Server Management
SharePoint Server Management
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    Hi @sns ,

    To get lock status for all SharePoint Site Collections from a specific Content Database and write the results to a .csv file, please take a reference to the following PowerShell commands.

    Add-pssnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell -ErrorAction silentlycontinue  
    #Get All Site Collections of a web app  
    $Sites = Get-SPSite -ContentDatabase "<replace here with your content database name>" -limit all | foreach {  
    #Check Lock Status  
    #No Locks Applied?  
    if ($_.ReadOnly -eq $false -and $_.ReadLocked -eq $false -and $_.WriteLocked -eq $false)  
       $Result ="Unlocked"  
    #Read-only Lock?  
    elseif ($_.ReadOnly -eq $true -and $_.ReadLocked -eq $false -and $_.WriteLocked -eq $true)  
       $Result = "Read-Only"  
    #Adding Content Prevented?  
    elseif ($_.WriteLocked -eq $true -and $_.ReadLocked -eq $false -and $_.ReadOnly -eq $false)  
       $Result = "Adding Content Prevented"  
    #No Access?  
    elseif ($_.ReadOnly -eq $null -and $_.ReadLocked -eq $null -and $_.WriteLocked -eq $null)  
       $Result="No Access"  
    #Write the Result to CSV file separeted with Tab character  
    $_.RootWeb.Title +"`t" + $_.URL + "`t" + $Result | Out-File C:\LockStatus.csv -Append  

    The result .csv file will be automatically generated under C:\LockStatus.csv. Test result in my end:

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  1. sns 8,536 Reputation points

    Hi Allex Xu,

    Will you train SharePoint powershell?

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