divide value to same number of parts using sql server

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Hi All, i have requirement in sql server, i need to divide(12) total (100) value as below parts. Total an divide value dynamically changes. ![75795-image.png][1] [1]: /api/attachments/75795-image.png?platform=QnA Thanks in Advance,

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  1. Guoxiong 8,076 Reputation points

    Try this:

    DECLARE @dividend int = 70;
    DECLARE @divisor int = 12;
    SELECT CEILING(@dividend * 1.0 / @divisor);
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  2. Olaf Helper 28,781 Reputation points

    (70/12 = 6)

    You must have a strange calculator, with mine I get a different result of 5.83333 . Anyway, this one?

    DECLARE @total int = 70, @count int = 12;   
    ;WITH cte AS   
          (SELECT 1 AS RN, @total AS RestVal, @count AS Value   
           UNION ALL   
           SELECT RN + 1, RestVal - @count, CASE WHEN RestVal - @count > @count THEN @count ELSE RestVal - @count END   
           FROM cte   
           WHERE RestVal > @count)   
    SELECT RN, Value   
    FROM cte   



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  3. Viorel 94,261 Reputation points

    In addition, check a secondary possible solution, based on a relatively new approach:

    declare @total int = 70
    declare @d int = 11
    select row_number() over (order by [value] desc) groups, [value]
        select @d
        from string_split(replicate('v', @total / @d - 1), 'v')
        union all
        select @total % @d where @total % @d <> 0
    ) d([value])
    order by groups

    Can be easily adjusted to work with more than 8000 rows.

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  4. MelissaMa-MSFT 24,136 Reputation points

    Hi @BHVS ,

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    Please also refer below another method using loop:

    drop table if exists #temp  
    DECLARE @total int = 70, @count int = 12;   
    DECLARE @n int=0;  
    create table #temp   
    (ID int,  
    NUM int);  
    while @n<=@total/@count  
    	if @total-@count*@n>@count    
    		insert into #temp values (@n+1,@count)  
    		insert into #temp values (@n+1,@total-@count*@n)  
    	set @n=@n+1  
    select * from #temp  


    ID	NUM  
    1	12  
    2	12  
    3	12  
    4	12  
    5	12  
    6	10  

    Best regards

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