Version 2102 (Build 13801.20274) Marco Issues

John T. Jennings 1 Reputation point

We are having issues with the current version of Office 365 Version 2102 (Build 13801.20274) with Legacy Marcos not working anymore.![76001-inc0030391.png][1] [1]: /api/attachments/76001-inc0030391.png?platform=QnA

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  1. Mahyar Kamalinafar 76 Reputation points


    You will need to unlock the macro and show us the debug for anyone to figure out what is happening.

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  2. John T. Jennings 1 Reputation point
    Dim GrpSizeTemp As Integer
    Dim CurrTierTemp As Integer
    Dim RenTierTemp As Integer
    Dim CommTemp As Integer
    Dim MOPAdjTemp As Integer
    Dim RMMTemp As Integer
    Dim ActDialog As String
    Dim newTextTemp As String
    Dim NtwkSelectTemp As String
    Dim noCancel As Boolean
    Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic
    ActDialog = "Dialog1"
    noCancel = DialogSheets(ActDialog).Show  'shows dialog box
    If noCancel = False Then Exit Sub
    'If the user has selected a trivial MOP Adjustment Factor, this will ask the user if they're sure
    If DialogSheets(ActDialog).DropDowns("cbxMOPAdj").Value = 1 And CInt(DialogSheets("Dialog1").EditBoxes("ebxEligCT").Text) > 19 Then
        Dim Response As VbMsgBoxResult
        Response = MsgBox("You have selected a MOP Adjustment Factor of 1.000.  Are you sure this is what you want?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo)
        If Response = vbNo Then
            GoTo Start:
        End If
    The cursor is going to the 

    noCancel = DialogSheets(ActDialog).Show 'shows dialog box

    it's the "shows dialog box" that is causing the problem.  I just haven't had time to look into the updates to see how we need to update that section. 

  3. John T. Jennings 1 Reputation point

    Any help would be great
    Thank you

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  4. Mahyar Kamalinafar 76 Reputation points

    I would try to find the userform name and just do

    You can find the userform names on the project window under forms.

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  5. John T. Jennings 1 Reputation point

    I'll let them know and have them try that and see.

    Thank you