RDS 2016 and Client Printers

Ken Zygmunt 76 Reputation points

Hi all I've built an on-prem Server 2016 RDS Farm (CB, RWeb/RDGateway and multiple RDSH Servers). This has been running over 1.5 years and everything has been fine, but recently I've been told that local client printers are not appearing for users. The settings in the RDS collection is ticked to allow Client printer redirection, along with use easy print first to get around the issue of multiple different printer drivers. To see if the problem is GPO related, I moved one of the RDSH servers into an OU and blocked inheritance (and rebooted it) to stop all GPOs applying and that made no difference If I log on as a domain administrator through RDWeb, I see all the local client printers appearing for the session, so it's not a driver issue and the Easy Print print driver is doing it's job. If I log in to the same RDSH server (I've got a test RDSH server in it's own collection) from the same client device via the same RDWeb browser but using a domain user account instead, no local client printers get mapped. To me this appears as a permissions thing but I can't find where this might be set. I've now built a brand new RDSH Server from scratch using my notes from the original build, so it's identical, but without any applications installed, and put it in the same OU as the others so that all GPOs are applying, and that allows client printers to map successfully for domain admins and domain users. I can't see any of the applications that are installed on the original servers as causing this issue though. All standard stuff (Office, Acrobat Reader, etc) Anyone seen anything like this before and/or can point me in the right direction for a solution? The servers are patched and the AV is Windows Defender Regards Ken Z

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  1. Karlie Weng 8,736 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @Ken Zygmunt

    To conclude:

    1.not gpo problem
    2.not a driver issue
    3.a new RDSH server in the same ou doesn’t have the problem
    4.not other application issue

    How about trying an RDP file "redirectprinters:i:1"?

    Best Regards

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  2. Ken Zygmunt 76 Reputation points

    Hi Karlie

    thanks for the response.

    firstly the rdp file is generated automatically by the RDWeb/CB server... i don't use a static rdp file.
    secondly when i look at the rdp file that gets downloaded, that line is already in the file


    Ken Z

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