Python Azure Functions are silently failing with no exception

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I have a queue trigger Azure Function on the Linux Consumption plan that is failing silently with no errors and then retrying later. This is causing major issues in my code because the function does thing like write to a SQL database and moves files between blob storage containers. So the last time the silent failure occurred, it happened after archiving some files and then retried later expecting those files to be there. This happened months ago with a timer trigger function, but I was told the issue was specific to timer triggers so we switched our implementation to queue triggers. It then happened with a queue trigger and I was told the issue was our functionAppScaleLimit was set to 1. After setting it to 2 the issue has popped up again. I'm not sure we can reliably use Azure Functions if errors like this can happen with no warnings or exception. Has anyone had issues like this before and found a solution? If an Azure support engineer would like to reach out, I have some example invocation IDs and am really hoping a solution can be found.

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Azure Functions
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