Custom branding only on Sign In page but missing on Sign Up

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We have a B2C tenant with recommended SignInSignUp User Flow. We use a default (Ocean Blue) template with custom branding. Page Layout Version set to 1.2.0 - Current.

When user starts a user flow the sign in page is styled correctly with company logo and custom background. However, when he chooses to sign up (link under the username and password text boxes) he’s redirected to a page without custom branding. The page is styled with default Ocean Blue theme – without logo and with blue background.

The sign up page was styled with custom branding for a very long time but on Thursday (28.5.2020) we noticed that it stopped working.
We tried to create a new user flow but still have the issue with customizing signup page.


Azure Active Directory External Identities
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  1. JamesTran-MSFT 29,316 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    Thank you for the detailed post. When referencing the company branding documentation, it looks like this feature is in Public Preview, which mean the service is offered to the public as a beta. However, would you be able to provide some screenshots of the issue and additional information so I can bring this back to our engineering teams to look into this.


    1- Is this issue still occurring? If so, how often do you see it?

    2- Are you able to repro this issue consistently?

    3- Were any changes made before or on May 28th, to cause the custom branding to stop working? How long was it working prior to that date?

    4- Have you seen the logo not appear on any other screen besides after a user selects the "sign up" option?


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  2. Mike Larah 1 Reputation point

    Hi @JamesTran-MSFT

    We are experiencing a similar issue. The branding is showing up on the first page of the SignUp and SignInSignUp user flows, but then when moving to the next page (e.g. selecting 'email signup' to enter details), then the branding disappears and reverts to the default Ocean Blue.

    We actually have a couple of different B2C tenants for different environments, and this is only happening in one of the tenants, despite them seemingly being configured in the exact same way.

    Do you have any suggestions?


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