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Guy Malul 6 Reputation points

I want to execute the following query:

Is there a way to add this OData cast (microsoft.graph.user) to the query via c# sdk?

What I was able to do is:

Select(member => new { member.Id }).


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  1. Paul Schaeflein 11 Reputation points MVP

    The Graph.Community library now (a/o v3.32) contains an extension method to add the OData cast to the url.

    The test method mocks the request for a members groups, filtered to only include directory roles:

    public void WithODataCastUpdatesUrl()
      // ARRANGE
      var oDataCast = "microsoft.graph.directoryRole";
      var expectedUrl = "/me/memberOf/microsoft.graph.directoryRole";
      // ACT
      using (var gsc = GraphServiceTestClient.Create())
        var request = gsc.GraphServiceClient.Me.MemberOf.WithODataCast(oDataCast).Request();
        var actualUrl = request.RequestUrl;
        // ASSERT
        Assert.True(actualUrl.IndexOf(expectedUrl) > -1, "RequestUrl does not include odata cast  value");

    The library is on Nuget:

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  2. Nandeesh Swami-MSFT 1 Reputation point Microsoft Employee

    Hey, I assume you want to get a user. There are multiple ways, 1 of which is to filter. Below I have demonstrated it by filtering per name. You can do so on other properties as well.
    graphClient.Users.Request().Filter("startsWith(displayName, 'N')").GetAsync()

    Let me know if for any queries.

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  3. Maisa Rissi 76 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The new version of the Microsoft Graph .NET SDK v5 enables OData casting.
    You can easily get User object by the following:

    var usersInGroup = await graphServiceClient  

    Also, you can use the upgrade-guide to help you with any migration info you might need.