How to view Azure Function files deployed

David Finley 31 Reputation points

I've deployed a Function to Azure and now I want to see the files I've deployed. If I go to Kudu and view wwwroot, it only shows the host.json file. I can go into Bash and view all the folders, but I don't see where the function files are.


Azure Functions
Azure Functions
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  1. Mark Allan 416 Reputation points MVP

    Assuming you're using the package deploy option in Visual Studio as it recommends, Azure Functions will actually run your code directly from an uploaded ZIP file (amongst other benefits, this improves speed and makes deployments atomic).

    You'll find the ZIP files in D:\home\data\SitePackages. They're timestamped so it should be easy enough to see which is the latest, but you can look in packagename.txt to see the one that's currently deployed. If you download that ZIP then you can check whether your DLL is in it.

    More details at

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  1. Sean Killeen 316 Reputation points MVP

    I thought Kudu had a way to do this, but you should be able to see the code of these files within the Azure portal.

    • Within your function app in the portal, click "Functions":


    • Click on the function you want to check
    • In the Development menu on the left-hand side, click "Code + Test".

    A window of code should open on the right-hand side I think and you should be able to view the function's contents, even if you can't edit it.

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  2. David Finley 31 Reputation points

    I'm deploying from Visual Studio and want to check to see if a DLL I've included has been deployed.

  3. Rohit Gore | MAQ Software 1 Reputation point

    If you are not able to see in Kudu, make sure if it deployed properly.

    Those who are looking for the same:

    1. Open the Function App you deployed in the azure portal.
    2. Go to the Development Tools in the Left Pane and open Advanced tools.
    3. You will be redirected to Kudu where you can see your deployed files and also you can run it via console available in Kudu.


  4. David Finley 31 Reputation points

    Maybe I'm missing something.

    In the Code + Test page, I see this:


    In Kudu, wwwroot just shows host.json:


    The function is deployed - I can run it from Postman and I get a response.

    Do I need to go into another folder in Bash on Kudo to find the files?