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event logs for workflow failure

Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Source "Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Foundation" -After "March 10, 2021 02:55:00"

I tried to execute above command to know the SPtimer and workflow related failure issues from particular time, but I did not get any output

issue is as per the workflow logic mail should trigger automatically but no mail is going where it received the mail when triggered manually
so I want to capture event logs for that sharepoint workflow from particular time to certain time.

which application I should look for in the event logs? Please help me on this

Thank you

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Hi, @sns1 ,

For event log of a workflow, you will need to check the workflow history list. You can access it via browser or export it with a PowerShell script.

The URL is like this : http://[servername]/[sitename]/lists/Workflow%20History Or open the site using SharePoint designer and then go to All Files from the Site Objects tab from the left side, you will able to see the list.

And for the issue with the workflow. Not much I can say without checking the actual setup of the workflow. It will be better to provide more information about the workflow.

As it works when you start it manually, it shall be fine on the actions sending email. The issue shall more be related to triggers you use. Or the if condition which control whether the Email shall be sent, if there is one. So please provide the actual structure of the workflow and more detailed information about the failed trials of the workflow and succeed ones.

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Hi Jerry Xu,

Yes it is working well when manually run the workflow
it is only one step logic that is sending email
only with triggers , workflow functionality is not working. suppose it is scheduled at 7 AM but workflows are not triggering.
so I have not found anything from workflow history list.
so I Have to check evet logs and ULS logs
so in the evet logs what parameter should I use in the command, check to capture these logs?

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Hi @sns1 ,

Workflow does not have a built-in trigger to start at certain time. Is it a flow/Power Automate or workflow?
All the workflow available triggers are list below. Please provide more detailed information about the workflow so I can test in my end.

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HI Jerry Xu,

We are using third party virto workflow scheduler to trigger our sharepoint designer workflows,
when we do triggered manually it is working where as it is not working as per the scheduled time by virto triggers
support team suggested to check the event logs for those scheduled timings, how to check as per the scheduled time in the event logs?
we did not find any information from workflow history to find out the problem.

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