BluetoothLeDevice GattCharacteristic Configure descriptor Indicate

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I have a working bluetooth LE UWP application and I have come across what I believe is a Windows 10 issue with the setting of a characteristic notification. I have reproduced the exception on alternative store BLE scanner apps.

Using the characteristic of Service Changed (0x2A05) (permissions set to Indicate only) from Generic Attribute Service (0x1801) I am trying to set up notifications on this characteristic in order to listen to a nordic device.

The code of WriteClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorAsync(GattClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorValue.Indicate) always throws exception of Access Denied 8007005.

I can successfully turn on this indication via Android but not via UWP Windows SDK 1803. In UWP, I can successfully use the above function to set up notifications using GattClientCharacteristicConfigurationDescriptorValue.Notify. These always succeed.

Is there any known issues related to the enabling of characteristic notifications which are Indicate only or anything relating to the public Service Changed characteristic?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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