Scope activity in ADF not able to access the ADLS shares path?


I am utilizing ADF scope activity to submit scope script in ADLA account. Scope script consume/references few .dll(s) or views from other ADLS account which I am accessing through ADLA shares path but after job submission I am getting error, below is screenshot of error.

In order to verify that I have access to other ALDS account which I am accessing through shares path, I have submitted another script and that was running fine. Also I am working network.

Can you please help me to know the reason and resolution of job failure while accessing dlls / views through other ADLS account?

Error scrrenshots:




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  1. 2022-07-05T07:19:46.08+00:00

    This issue got resolved almost 7 months ago, now we are able to access shares path, views, dlls in ADLS.


    1. Enable ADFScopeSupport global parameter to true to start with Scope activity.
    2. Establish the linked services for ADLA and ADLS using service principal in ADF and make sure this service principals have all required ACLs permissions in ADLA and ALDS to access desired file and submit job in ADLA.
    3. When you try to pass any date parameter with "-" included in value, then Scope won't recognize it and throws error. To
      fix this make sure to replace "-" with "," in data parameter value.
      Example: start_date = "2022-05-07" // This won't work here. Probably, product team will provide fix soon.
      start_date = "2022,05,07" //This will work fine.
    4. Do not pass double slash in ADLS path.
      Example: /local/folder1**//**folder2/test.txt //This won't work here
      /local/folder1/folder2/test.txt //This will work fine
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  2. MartinJaffer-MSFT 25,716 Reputation points

    @Kulbhushan Katoch (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd) Scope is an internal-only feature, so I cannot provide support here. I will message you on teams.

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