Alternatives to SSMS for scheduling full-text index population

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Hi everybody!

I am trying to set up a scheduled population of my full-text index in SQL Server.
The manual on Microsoft Learn says I should go to the properties menu of my index in SSMS.
However, as described in my previous question, I get an error when trying to do that.
What are the alternative ways to set up a population schedule?

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Erland Sommarskog 78,261 Reputation points MVP

    I did a quick check, and it is just spinning up the regular scheduling dialog for Agent. So you could do this on a local instance on your own machine and use the script button to see what it creates. You may also have to check the jobs it creates.

    But then you will face the next problem: there is no Agent in Azure SQL Database. But there are Elastic jobs, which fills the same role (and may add a little more to your Azure bill.)

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