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I have a recently created VM. It's an Ubuntu VM, and I've not done anything to it besides installing Docker.

I'm running two Docker containers:

  1. Portainer
  2. A small dotnet core application

After setting this up, I had a look in HTOP to see the memory and CPU usage, and I found they were both low.

Today I could not reach the VM over SSH, so I looked at the log under the "Serial console" tab in Azure Portal. I can see that it for some reason it ran out of memory and started killing off all the processes, until it finally says, "Kernel panic - not syncing: Out of memory and no killable processes".

Any ideas what this might be?

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    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A (Preview) platform. Happy to answer your question.

    Usually to fix a kernel panic error you can simply restart the VM. One common reason for kernel panic in Azure VMs can be host updates.

    However it is difficult to say if that is the root cause for your specific issue.

    Your VM might have encountered a memory preserving update on the Azure backend and it resulted in this.

    I would suggest you restart the VM to check that the error goes away. If the issue does not come back, we can be certain it was an issue related to something on the Azure backend such as a host update.

    If the issue continues to persist after a restart it would warrant further investigation.

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  2. third one 1 Reputation point

    Today I was unable to arrive at the VM over SSH, so I took a gander at the log under the "Sequential control center" tab in Purplish blue Entry. I can see that it for reasons unknown it ran out of memory and gotten killing going every one of the cycles, until it at last says, "Bit alarm - not matching up: Out of memory and no killable cycles".

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