how to make a GUI in python project

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I want to make python software but I want to add a UI, how?

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Windows API - Win32
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  1. MrCoco 41 Reputation points

    I recommend you to go through these steps:

    1. Install the PySimpleGUI package
    2. Create basic user interface elements with PySimpleGUI
    3. Create applications, such as a PySimpleGUI image viewer
    4. Integrate PySimpleGUI with Matplotlib
    5. Use computer vision in PySimpleGUI
    6. Package your PySimpleGUI application for Windows

    And then you can look through this article for instance PYTHON3 FOR A GUI APPLICATION

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  2. Castorix31 83,106 Reputation points
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  3. Ashish Kumar Verma 1 Reputation point Student Ambassador

    There are many packages in python which helps you to do that Let me explain top 3

    1. Tkinter - This comes prebuilt in your machine and it is great to start for simple UI, not recommended for large application as it lacks some functionalities
    2. PyQt - Best among all three for desktop app development comes with qt designer, in which you can convert the design in python executable, comes with many functionality
    3. Kivy - Multi-touch support, cross platform, mainly used for android development in python, not usually recommended for android apps because python lacks speed, but If you want to build personal projects to check python powers you can surely move ahead

    I hope it is now clear to you :)

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  4. John Vicencio 1 Reputation point

    I like working with Kivy which is cross-platform. For example, you can use one code and deploy that to Android, iOS or Windows.

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