Why are answers on microsoft so poor?

Maurice Calvert 1 Reputation point

I have a problem with VS2019, as it happens 'Microsoft.Windows.Build.Appx.AppxPackaging.dll.manifest' not found. The actual problem is irrelevant, Google gives me hits on stackoverflow, serverfault, social.msdn.microsoft.com, learn.microsoft.com, davesblog and so on, so far, so good.

Why is it that every answer on any of the 'microsoft' sites either panders to the responder's hallucinations or is posted by a half-wit? (and in 99.999% of the cases, totally useless)

For God's sake, have a bit of decency and close all these Microsoft drivel-ware sites which serve nothing save to waste everyone's time and bandwidth.

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  1. Pranam K 6 Reputation points

    Now a days, everything we have it on internet. People go there and copy+paste everything. So it is all messed up!

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