Word 2000 carriage returns and following few characters deleted on posting to Internet after Win8.1 CumSecurity Update

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I have Word 2000 running on Windows 8.1; and yes I appreciate that Word 2000 is "legacy". Following the installation of a Windows 8.1 Rollup Security Update it became no longer possible to Copy and Paste from Word 2000 (.doc) documents into Yahoo Answers. All the .doc format document's carrier returns (aka carriage returns) were removed when pasted plus also some characters following the removed carrier returns, and also following inserted URLs (used as source internet addresses for the text).

Cleaning temp files, temporary internet files, did not resolve the issue, and the System checks out malware and virus clean. (Avast, MalwareBytes Antimalware).

I used a workaround to first copy the text into another word processor, and then copy and paste from there the same text, into Yahoo Answers. However, following the latest Windows 8.1 security update ("2021-03 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB5000848)"), that workaround no longer worked! This meant that when using the workaround the text posted into Yahoo Answers, was again garbled, as described.

The workaround (described) has been however restored, by uninstalling that update (uninstalling it from Windows Update > Installed Updates).

Please could someone explain why Windows 8.1 Rollup Security Updates would be configured to make using legacy versions of Word impossible for pasting from .doc format documents to the Internet, and I would also like to know if there is any fix, or fix planned, for this issue.

(I have only installed Word 2000 (of Office Professional 2000) to one functional computer, and I purchased the license from a hospital.)

By the way, you will be interested to know that if the carrier returns are missing when this is posted, they were there to begin with and I did not attempt to use the workaround described above. I have also typed this directly into the TechNet drafting field.

I hope to hear with a solution. Robert339

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    What's happened to my previous display name for this same account: "Robert339"?

    I have opened my profile where my previous display name "Robert339" had changed. I have changed it back to "Robert339", saved it, and yet so far, it is still wrong on this question thread.

    And also why has the option to edit one's post been removed.

    There seems to be an attitude on the Internet of: "get it right first time or don't post it"; yet website owners would not find that method convenient for their own board room documents, so why are they so controlling towards those using their websites?

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    And why is there no way to sign out from this website.

    What's happened to the name of this website which does not seem to show properly. I thought it was called Microsoft TechNet.

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    In my Question details I wrote as follows:
    "The workaround (described) has been however restored, by uninstalling that update (uninstalling it from Windows Update > Installed Updates)."

    Subsequently, the issue returned anyway, and so I restored that Security Update, and I no longer believe the security update to have been responsible for this issue.

    My question therefore no longer applies, yet, of course I am left with the issue that carrier returns (paragraph breaks) get removed when copying text from my computer to a webpage on the Internet. This issue appears not to affect some websites, while affecting pasting text to other websites.


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