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Please note that I am using Microsoft Remote Desktop and NOT Windows Remote Desktop. Big difference. Connection from laptop with: Windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8350U CPU @ 1.70GHz 1.90 GHz Connecting to remote server: Microsoft Server 2016 I am executing a python Selenium script that measures a website. While logging in to the website a javascript window pops up to enter the password. Because of this window the script cannot execute headless since the javascript window uses the Desktop. (If someone knows how to handle a javascript windows in the background so the complete script runs headless, please come forward. Otherwise my question is no around that issue) From my laptop I connect to the remote Windows Server 2016 with Microsoft Remote Desktop. In my laptop have the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon that show the server screen in miniature, I can see the programs executing in the server, and also I can open a Microsoft Remote Desktop window to work directly on the remote server. This is the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon, [][1] [1]: it acts like in Mac OS, I can minimize the server window and the script will continue executing in the remote Server (using Windows Remote Desktop the script that uses the Desktop in the Remote Server, stops if the Windows Remote Desktop is minimized!!) QUESTION #1 What is the dependency between the laptop desktop and the Remote server desktop, why does the script in the remote server stops when minimizing the Microsoft Remote Desktop (se pic above) in the laptop!!?? If I keep the icon window maximized and minimize the Microsoft Remote Desktop window then the script runs fine. QUESTION #2 If I click the cross up to the right in Microsoft Remote Desktop, in other words I don't disconnect or logout or shut down I would expect the script to continue running. It doesn't. It stops. The script is started from Task Scheduler in the Remote Server with "Run only when user is logged on" cannot run with "Run whether user is logged on or not" because of 'Session 0 isolation' the Session 0 has not access to any desktop since Vista. QUESTION #3 Is there any parameter setting to break the dependency between my laptops desktop and the server's? A proof that there is a dependency is that when the remote server starts to go slow and almost hangs it doesn't help to reboot the server but rebooting the laptop makes the server work perfect again. Believe it or not. QUESTION #4 Is there any other Remote Desktop connector that would allow the script using the Remote Server's Desktop to execute without having a connection to my laptop? PS1 The script have been running without problems for a week every 15 minutes with the following setup: 1) Connection to the server with Windows Remote Desktop 2) The icon window in the laptop (see pic) cannot be minimized or the script in the Remote Server will stop (when it reaches the point it uses the Desktop) 3) Both the laptop and the remote server have "Caffeine" installed + active it wakes up the system every 59 seconds so it never goes to sleep.

Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop
A Microsoft app that connects remotely to computers and to virtual apps and desktops.
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    Hello @aircooled

    I think which task stops when minimize the window, is by design.

    please refer toMinimize causes Remote Desktop to stop working
    Working with Minimised and Closed Remote Desktop Connections

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    What was useful for me was the link that Karlie posted "Working with Minimised and Closed Remote Desktop Connections" section "Closed Remote Desktop Connection" where the Remote Server session must be closed FROM THE REMOTE SERVER with a special command executed as Admin. That solved my issue. Thanks, Karlie.

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