Find Object in List using LINQ

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I am looking for an idea or easiest way to find a object which satisfies the criteria. for example below is my list .


for example, if a have a value of 100, i want to look in the VMin and VMax column , if my value resides or equal in this range i want to get the P1, P2,P3, P4 values . With value of 100 i should get the 2nd row. if my value is 35 then i should get 4 th row.


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    Something like this should work:

    Dim mydata as List(Of MyClass) = . . .
    Dim value as Integer = 100
    Dim found_object as MyClass = mydata.FirstOrDefault(Function(d) value >= d.VMin AndAlso value <= d.Vmax)
    If found_object IsNot Nothing Then
       Dim P1 = found_object.P1
       Dim P2 = found_object.P2
       Dim P3 = found_object.P3
       Dim P4 = found_object.P4
       . . .
    End If

    Can be adjusted according to your real classes.

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    sorry there is a typo. i mean 350.

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