XAML Hot Reload not working.

Mehdi Jafari 56 Reputation points

First of All I updated VS to 8.9 on my Mac but I couldn't see XHR after that,
I uninstalled VS for Mac and installed it again, Then XHR added to VS but it does not work!

I have VS 8.9 (Latest ver) now and Xamarin.Froms I updated every things but...

linker is "Don't link". XHT is enabled. I test both of mode "Change only" and "Full Page". It doesn't work.

XHR output in statusbar is:

XAML Hot Reload is using 'changes only' mode
XAML Hot Reload initializing...
WARN: Unknown Breakpoint Hit: Android.Runtime.JNIEnv.RegisterJniNatives(System.IntPtr typeName_ptr, int typeName_len, System.IntPtr jniClass, System.IntPtr methods_ptr, int methods_len)
HotReload: Initialized Agent.XAML Hot Reload Connected and Ready.

I don't know why XHR not working.

thanks in advance.

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  1. Willem van Rumpt 16 Reputation points

    Fixed in 16.9.2 (for me at least)

  2. Stefan Bogaard 1 Reputation point

    Switching back to reload full page fixed it for me


  3. Brian Savage 21 Reputation points

    This may help.

    I updated all the Android tools in the sdk manager to use the latest versions, and also removed all old versions.

    Cleaned solution and restarted VS.

    I am using full page reload rather than changes, and it now works. Although I won't be surprised if it stops working again!

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