SharePoint UserPhotos.aspx not showing the latest profile picture immediately

asked 2021-03-16T01:49:46.187+00:00
Rahini Radha (AP) 46 Reputation points

We are using SharePoint "UserPhotos.aspx" page for displaying the user's profile picture in our application like below.\username

The problem is, this url doesn't show the latest profile picture uploaded immediately. What we need to do to display the latest the latest profile picture immediately? Please advise.

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  1. answered 2021-03-16T07:36:24.917+00:00
    Allen Xu_MSFT 13,511 Reputation points

    Hi @Rahini Radha (AP) ,

    The user profile picture will be updated after User Profile Change Job timer job runs. Please go to SharePoint Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Review job definitions and then select View: Service and Services: User Profile Service. Select User Profile Service Application - User Profile Change Job.

    You can click Run Now if you want to update user profile picture immediately. Also, you can set this timer job scheduled to run every 1 minutes. So that, you don't need to run the timer job manually every time you update the user profile picture.

    As per my test, browser cache also has impact on the URL return results. You'd better clean browser cache or change a browser when you frequently get pictures from the URL.

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