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Azure AD Connect fluctuating different times for "CurrentlyEffectiveSyncCycleInterval"

Hello Everyone,

First of all thank you all for taking time to read my query. I have a weird issue going on with my Azure AD Connet and it may be a correct working but I am very curious. I noticed that my Azure AD Conect(it's own server and not installed on DC) was working fine in the default sync setting for 30mins but it started syncing in 41mins automatically. At the moment, the "CurrentlyEffectiveSyncCycleInterval" is set to 41mins but this keeps changing. I have attached a screenshot of it. Is this a normal behaviour from Azure AD Connect? The value for "AllowedSyncCycleInterval" is also keeps changing with a different value when I re-run the command.

Thank you so much in advance!!


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I also see the same behavior, but the cycled was changed from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, then 59 minutes when re-running the command:

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-ADSyncScheduler

AllowedSyncCycleInterval : 00:45:00
CurrentlyEffectiveSyncCycleInterval : 00:46:00
CustomizedSyncCycleInterval :
NextSyncCyclePolicyType : Delta
NextSyncCycleStartTimeInUTC : 16.03.2021 16:58:58
PurgeRunHistoryInterval : 7.00:00:00
SyncCycleEnabled : True
MaintenanceEnabled : True
StagingModeEnabled : False
SchedulerSuspended : False
SyncCycleInProgress : False

As I see the effect as the I am getting warning in Office365 Admin Center that more than 30 minutes passed since last sync.

Could this be related to the last night outage? -> MO244568

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Yes same thing is happening with me as well. I am sure if it's because of that major outage but it surely started doing the same thing around that time only. Did you have the same issue at a similar time?

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I reached out to the product team to see if this is a known issue since you both are seeing the same thing. Will get back when I have more info!

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