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BindingSource.AddNew does not AutoIncrement

VideoTableBindingSource.AddNew() does not auto increment I get an error stating that the ID Column may not be null I have the following defined in my Database: [Id] INT NOT NULL Primary Key Identity (1,1), clicking on ID shows Is Identity True in the properties window VideoTableBindingSource Datamember is set to VideoTable that contains ID as the primary key I even tried Me.VideoDBDataSet1.VideoTable.IdColumn.AutoIncrement = True before the AddNew() call but I get the same results Any help would be greatly appriciated, I am using Visual Studio 2017 VB. Lance

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 Private Sub AddDataToolStripMenuItem_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles AddDataToolStripMenuItem.Click
     Me.VideoDBDataSet.VideoTable.IdColumn.AutoIncrement = True
 End Sub

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[VideoTable] (
[Id] INT NOT NULL Primary Key Identity (1,1),

'This is the Code that calls AddNew and the Table's SQL definision

Created an Access Database file and referenced it in the DataGridView
to fix this problem. The AddNew call works with the New Database.

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