GraphAPI - cannot validate access_token signature

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I want to validate the Microsoft Graph API access_token signature only. The Microsoft public certificates is retrieved from url:
Here the x5c is the public certificate that can be used for the signature validation (I take the first key).
All access_token parts already arrive in base64url format.

const jwt = require('jsonwebtoken');
let pubcert = '-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n' + x5c[0] + '\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----';
jwt.verify(access_token, pubcert, function(err, decoded) {
   console.log(decoded) // bar

After all the jsonwebtoken library says that the signature is invalid. I tried to validate it directly by the Node.js crypto library and have the same result.
The website also shows that the signature is invalid.

access_token = access_token.split('.');
let payload = access_token.slice(0,2).join('.');
let pubcert = '-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n' + x5c[0] + '\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----';
let verifier = crypto.createVerify('RSA-SHA256');
verifier.update(payload, 'utf8');
let isvalid = verifier.verify(pubcert, access_token[2], 'base64');

I also tried to send payload hash instead of the full text, but it still doesn't work:

let payload = crypto.createHash('sha256').update(payload).digest("base64");
verifier.update(payload, 'base64');
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  1. Siva-kumar-selvaraj 15,601 Reputation points

    Hello @Mark Babayev ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    This behavior is to be expected when you try to validate access_token signature which issued for Microsoft Graph API ( . when you get an access token for Graph, it can only be used to consume Microsoft Graph API / Graph. If you have your own web api, you must get another access token (issued to your web api) and send it as bearer, not the Graph one for validation.

    You should not be looking at or trying to validate access tokens for Apis that are not "yours", like those issued for MS Graph API. See these article for a detailed discussion

    Hope this helps.

    Siva Kumar SelvaraJ

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