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Cannot initialize WASB file system

 val df ="wasbs://<container-name>@<storage-account-name><directory-name>")

I followed above the above documentation to access files from Azure Blob storage within Databricks notebooks, but I get the following error: "IllegalArgumentException: Cannot initialize WASB file system, URI authority not recognized."

Can anyone help resolve this? Thanks.

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@tobiaswalter-8031 Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!
It looks like an Account Access Key issue ? Can you please verify if the Account Key is correct. I am checking internally if there could be any other reasons of getting this error.

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@tobiaswalter-8031 Following up as I haven't heard back. Are you still facing issue and needs help on this issue.

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@tobiaswalter-8031 Please let me know if you are still having issues and needs any help.

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