Error : "Sequence contains no elements" while submitting a package

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Jimmy_Lee 1 Reputation point

On HCK studio, I made a hckx package successfully with sys and inf and cat files.
However when submitting the package on partner hardware center, I met an error, "Sequence contains no elements".

I don't know which elements are missing. Could you help me?


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Windows Hardware Performance
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  1. answered 2021-03-31T00:53:28.827+00:00
    Jimmy_Lee 1 Reputation point

    The reason of this error is when creating a HCK/HLK package, the number of “OS Platform” of HCK studio should be same to actual testing machine.
    In my case, I added 3 machines Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and removed Windows 7 and 8 but HCK studio still have the 3 machines and I cannot remove 2 machines on HCK Studio.
    So I created a new project with 1 machine (Windows 8) and created a package and submitted it successfully.


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