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Azure Powershell Runbook fails randomly without logging errors

I have Azure runbook job which fails randomly without logging any errors. The job calls a DB stored procedure. The job fails totally randomly like couple of times out of 20-30 runs. It just says in Exceptions tab that - I have some errors. (I have some errors.)
How to get to the root cause of this error?

There are nothing logged under errors and warnings tabas.

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Hi @Nikhil-0324,

To answer or to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue in a better way, can you provide more context or more information. In that regards, below are 2 questions:

  1. Do you see the same error if you execute the script from a local setup?

  2. Can you share the Runbook so I can try to reproduce the issue and try to troubleshoot the issue?

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Hi @tbgangav-MSFT
To answer your questions.
1. The runbook does not give any errors if I run individually. As I said the runbook runs every time perfectly fine. The runbook is scheduled to run every 30 mins. So in a day only 1 or 2 random failures occur without logging any error.
2. Sorry, I do not have access to share the runbook as it is manged by company's Azure admin.

Basically I want to understand if anyone has see occurrences where runbook fails without logging any error? If so is there anyway to get to the bottom of it.
As I said in this case the job invokes a DB stored procedure. If I induce a deliberate error into the SP, it will log a proper DB error message in the error tab but during these random occurrences of failures there is no log. In the output tab I see this

And if I check on DB server logs, I see that the sp was not invoked at all. So basically it fails to invoke the job itself and fails randomly.

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Hi @Nikhil-0324,

I will try to reproduce with the input that's provided and would get back with any findings. But at this point I am doubtful that this can be reproduced as its a random / intermittent issue. So to fast-track resolution of such issue, I would recommend you to raise a technical support request so that Azure technical support team would be able to resolve the issue by getting backend logs, access to environment, etc.

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