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Malam Malam 121 Reputation points

I have a table like:

CustNumber      ContactType              ContactValue
      1123                           1                  310-555-1012
      1123                           2                  myContact@LA.com
      1123                           3                  213-421-5027
      5678                           1                  Info@domain.com
      5678                           3                  213-123-4567

I want to return records like

CustNumber                 Phone1                    Phone2                      Email
    1123                         310-555-1012           213-421-5027         myContact@LA.com
    5678                         213-123-4567                                               Info@domain.com
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  1. answered 2021-03-19T08:12:48.557+00:00
    EchoLiu-MSFT 14,416 Reputation points

    Please try:

    declare @test table(CustNumber int,ContactType int,ContactValue char(25))  
    insert into @test values(1123,1,'310-555-1012'),(1123,2,'myContact@LA.com'),  
    ;with cte  
    as(select CustNumber,ContactValue as Phone,row_number() over( partition by CustNumber order by CustNumber) rr  
       from @test  
       where ContactValue like '%[1-9]%')  
    ,cte2 as  
      (select CustNumber,ContactValue as Email  
      from @test  
      where ContactValue like '%@%')  
    select c1.CustNumber,c1.Phone as Phone1,c12.Phone as Phone2,Email   
    from cte c1  
    left join cte c12 on c1.rr=c12.rr-1 and c1.CustNumber=c12.CustNumber  
    left join cte2 c2 on c1.CustNumber=c2.CustNumber  
    where c1.rr=1  


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  2. answered 2021-03-19T09:06:57.253+00:00
    Viorel 82,476 Reputation points

    If you really want to imply the PIVOT operator and ContactValue does not contain anything else, then consider this approach too:

    select CustNumber, Phone1, Phone2, Email
        select CustNumber, ContactValue, concat('Phone', row_number() over (partition by CustNumber order by ContactType)) as k
        from mytable
        where ContactValue not like '%@%'
        union all
        select CustNumber, ContactValue, 'Email'
        from mytable
        where ContactValue like '%@%'
    ) t
        max(ContactValue) for k in (Phone1, Phone2, Email)

    You can easily adjust it for more phone and email columns.

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