Mouse pointer not visible when sharing screen

asked 2019-12-12T11:55:39.903+00:00
Ove Risberg 76 Reputation points

When sharing my screen in Teams from my Linux machine the other participants can not see my mouse pointer.
This is not a big issue but should be possible to solve. Pidgin-sipe plugin for Pidgin have the same issue.

Skype for Business Linux
Skype for Business Linux
Skype for Business: A Microsoft communications service that provides communications capabilities across presence, instant messaging, audio/video calling, and an online meeting experience that includes audio, video, and web conferencing.Linux: A family of open-source Unix-like operating systems.
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  1. answered 2019-12-12T22:40:37.42+00:00
    Marian Javorka - MSFT 946 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thank you for downloading Teams for Linux and providing feedback. We are aware of this limitation and we track it for future improvements.

    List of known issues can be found here


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  1. answered 2020-04-18T10:20:34.55+00:00
    béka 16 Reputation points

    As an other workaround use oneko. It's really funny. I'm using the following command to tracks the cursor:

    oneko -idle 1 -speed 32 -time 51200 -bg magenta -fg orange

  2. answered 2020-03-31T11:37:19.823+00:00
    LC 11 Reputation points

    I am also interested in a solution / workaround.

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  3. answered 2020-04-08T10:35:05.01+00:00
    Marek Materzok 11 Reputation points

    I'm interested too. I'm providing classes during the pandemic situation and the missing cursor makes things harder.

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  4. answered 2020-04-10T13:21:43.493+00:00
    Roberto Carrasco Retamal 26 Reputation points

    As a workaround:

    1. create virtual cameras with v4l2loopback
    2. grab your screen with ffmpeg and send the output to a virtual camera
    3. open guvcview or other cam viewer program and move it to the 2nd monitor at full screen
    4. Share your second monitor


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