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Since I updated Visual Studio UWP projects aren´t compiling anymore.

I get a lot of these errors

Could not copy the file "C:\XXXXXX\bin\Release\C1.UWP.Core\C1.UWP.Core.xr.xml" because it was not found. C1.UWP.Calendar

It is looking for a xr.xml file that is not in that folder, there is one extra "C1.UWP.Core" in the path that is non-existent. The real file is in "C:\XXXXXX\bin\Release\C1.UWP.Core.xr.xml".

I tried checking "Generate library layout", but doing so the xaml files aren't compiled to xbf, and it ends up breaking nuget packages.

This is blocking the whole release. I need an urgent solution.

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I double this. It is really serious and urgent for us! We need a solution!

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Try to clean the project, delete the bin and obj folders, then rebuild the project, will the same issue occur?

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that's always the first thing developers do, and it didn't resolve, the issue still occurs.

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If you try to compile this project on different Visual Studio versions on other machine, will the same issue occur?

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