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Remove Values from Path

What is the correct way to add and remove paths to and from the User PATH environment variable?
I was using emscripten's SDK, which seems to add to the path, this way...
PATH += C:\emsdk
PATH += C:\emsdk\emscripten\1.45.20

I am wondering if I can remove paths using PATH -= E:\myPath.
I have seen other recommendations but I am not sure what's best practice, and guaranteed to be always successful.

I was looking at the setx command here, but I don't understand how I might use it to remove a specific path from the PATH variable. . . if I can.

You can't use this command to remove values added to the local or system environments. You can use this command with a variable name and no value to remove a corresponding value from the local environment.
. . .

Running this command on an existing variable removes any variable references and uses expanded values.
For instance, if the variable %PATH% has a reference to %JAVADIR%, and %PATH% is manipulated using setx, %JAVADIR% is expanded and its value is assigned directly to the target variable %PATH%. This means that future updates to %JAVADIR% will not be reflected in the %PATH% variable.

What is the best way, and or, can I use PATH -= E:\myPath?

I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong forums. Please refer me to the correct Microsoft forums. Thank you.

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