String appearing blank when trying to use it in 2 different components

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I'm trying to use the same string resource for 2 different components but they both appear blank. How can this problem be fixed?


  • ContactUs.Label - Contact Us
  • ContactUs.Text - Contact Us

Main page

        <AppBarButton Name="AppBarButtonContactUs" x:Uid="ContactUs.Label"/>

2nd page

        <TextBlock x:Uid="ContactUs.Text" Style="{StaticResource HeaderTextBlockStyle}" />
Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Daniele 1,991 Reputation points

    The reason of "Unable to resolve property 'Text' while processing properties for x:Uid 'ContactUs'." is that AppBarButton has x:Uid ContactUs but no property Text, the x:Uid must be different if the target property is different.

    You can do like that:

       <TextBlock x:Uid="ContactUs_Text" />  
       <AppBarButton x:Uid="ContactUs_Label" />  

    and in Resource.resw


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  2. Matt Lacey 786 Reputation points MVP

    Set the Uid of both to be "ContactUs".

    Have two resource entries
    "ContactUs.Label" and "ContactUs.Text" which both have the same value.